Competitive Program

Competitive Overview

EMSSC is a member of the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA), which conducts a competitive program for players with advanced skills and greater ambition. These players may have their sights set on a college soccer scholarship or even playing for the US National or Olympic teams.

EMSSC's competitive teams play in the ILLOWA Soccer League. Teams play up to 6 league games in the fall and up to another 6 games in the spring of each year. Teams also compete in tournaments throughout Illinois and neighboring states throughout the year.

Our program is designed to help develop our youth on and off the field by teaching not only soccer skills, but also teamwork, patience, perseverance, respect and many other qualities that will help them reach their full potential both on and off the field.


Competitive Program Requirements

Competitive fees are due after tryouts, prior to the beginning of the fall season. Fees cover the fall and spring season. There are several payment plans available to make the fees affordable for all families. Regardless of how and when fees are paid, they must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the season for the player to participate. 

Registration fees are as follows, by age, and do not include the uniform, tournament fees or travel expenses.

The tryout fee of $25 will be applied to below cost.

8U - $200

9U - $275

10U - $275

11U - $300

12U - $300

13U - $325

14U - $325

HS - $300 (played only in the season opposite of the HS season)

The cost of a full uniform is between $120 - $150.  Uniforms consist of 2 premium jerseys, 2 pairs of shorts, and 2 pairs of socks. Other uniform pieces are available but not required - soccer bag, warm up jackets and pants, etc.

Uniforms are ordered in odd years (2023, 2025, etc.), every 2 years unless you are a new player in an even year. Uniforms are required to be purchased every two years (or during the odd years) due to suppliers discontinuing models. 

New uniforms are not required every year, but new pieces may be ordered if needed by the player. It is recommended to order a size that will fit for 2 years of play. 

The player’s family is required to fulfill 1 - two hour volunteer shift per season.  This requirement consists of one shift in the fall and one shift in the spring, but does not include the tournament.

Example of volunteer opportunities:

  • Coach 
  • Field Day 
  • Field Marshal
  • Concessions

Only High School players can fulfill their own volunteer duties.

High School teams are only required to fulfill their volunteer duty per season of play.

Not fulfilling volunteer duties or not showing up to a volunteer duty will result in a $100 fine that will be added to your account and charged to the card on file.

Being on a competitive team will consist of additional costs for tournament registration fees and hotels for out of town tournaments. These costs are not included in the registration fee. Costs per player will be based on the cost of the tournament and number of rostered players on the team. The Coach or Team Manager will notify players of the tournament cost and players will need to turn the money into their individual coach or team manager.

Tournaments are all on a per-team basis. Most competitive teams will participate in 2 to 4 tournaments per season.  The head coaches will choose the tournaments for each of their teams.

EMSSC is the host of the new Quad City Fall Shootout each fall. Boys U8-15 & Girls U8 - U19.

EMSSC is the host of the Quad City Spring Shootout each spring.  Boys U8-U19 & Girls U8-U15.

With a tournament each season, each of the high school teams gets to participate in a tournament. 

Each family is asked to volunteer for 1 shift at the tournament. Volunteer assignments will be available to signup for through SignUp Genius. Volunteers for field set up, concessions and field marshals are all needed to put on a successful tournament!

EMSSC teams play in hosted tournaments free of charge.

Dates for each of these tournaments can be found on the Tournaments page.

EMSSC Coaching

EMSSC competitive team coaches are the most important part of our coaching structure.  Although volunteer coaches, we require all of our competitive coaches to hold a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Class E license or higher.  Most competitive coaches will start coaching the players when they are 8 or 9 years old and many will coach them though their entire career with EMSSC.  Our professional coaching staff will help to develop and prepare the competitive coaches through the challenges and changes the team will face as they grow.

Player development and team training is under the direction of  the EMSSC Director of Coaching (DOC). Teams follow various curriculums developed by the DOC and also train with their assigned DOC Staff Coach who assist the teams' volunteer coaches with various technical and tactical skills.

Codes of Conduct

Players will show good sportsmanship at all time.

  • Players will treat every player, parent, coach and referee with respect and courtesy.
  • Players will refrain from derogatory language, profanity, or any distasteful actions towards or around other players, parents, coaches or referees.
  • Players never argue calls made by referees.
  • Try to help other players on your team and on other teams become better players.

Players will do their best to better understand the game of soccer.

  • Players will abide by the rules of soccer.
  • Players should always show up to practice and games on time, dressed and ready to learn the game of soccer. Tardy players are subject to less playing time.
  • Know that mistakes happen, but learn from them.

Remember that your goal is to HAVE FUN while improving upon your soccer skills and understanding.

Parents will set a good example for all players at all times.

  • Most important, parents, your child and others are playing RECREATIONAL SOCCER for FUN!
  • Parents will treat every player, parent, coach and referee with respect and courtesy.
  • Parents will refrain from derogatory language, profanity, or any distasteful actions towards and around players, parents, coaches or referees.
  • Parents will NOT partake in drugs or alcohol while viewing games or practices.

Parents should serve as positive role models for all players.

  • Parents should help their child toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship every game and practice.
  • Parents should help their child understand the importance of hard work and honest effort to ensure growth and development.
  • Parents should support their child with positive encouragement and genuine interest in the player's team.
  • Parents should applaud good play on both teams, and NOT focus on the score of the game.

Parents should encourage players to set personal goals playing the game of soccer.

  • Parents should let the player choose their own goal.
  • Remember parents, your child is the participant, NOT you! Let them play for themselves. Take care not to impose your own standards and goals.
  • Parents should strive to gain knowledge and understanding of the game of soccer.

Understand that your coaches are volunteers. Coaches need your support to help in their effort in making REC SOCCER a positive experience for your child.

Coaches will set a good example for all players and parents at all times.

  • Coaches will treat every player, parent, coach and referee with respect and courtesy.
  • Coaches will refrain from derogatory language, profanity, or any distasteful actions towards or around players, parents, coaches or referees.
  • Coaches will NOT partake in drugs or alcohol while coaching at games or practices.

Coaches will do their best to help players and parents better understand the game of soccer.

  • Coaches will have their players abide by the rules of soccer.
  • Coaches will keep informed on good principles of coaching to ensure growth and development.
  • Coaches will enlist the support of their teams' parents to help instill the proper attitudes and values of players.

Coaches will provide a safe haven for players to practice the game of soccer.

  • Coaches will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of each player.
  • Coaches will follow the advice of any doctor or physician to determine when a player is ready to come back from injury.
  • Coaches will assume responsibility for cleanliness of facilities upon completion of games or practices.

Coaches will NOT offer any other group or organization use of facilities or equipment without approval of EMSSC.

High School Scholarship

More info about how to earn scholarships coming soon!