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Link to Background Check site.

Please fill out this form when requesting the VEO camera. Priority will be given to the oldest team if multiple requests are made for the same day/weekend.


You must download the LeagueApps Play app to communicate with your teams. It is absolutely mandatory. If you do not have the ability to participate via an app on your phone, you will not be updated throughout the season. All communication is done through this app and it important to have it and add all guardians to the app via the prompts that are emailed to you when you register.

Frequently asked questions

Once your player is assigned to a team, you will use the app to communicate with your team. LeagueApps will be the communication method of choice. Your player will be automatically assigned to all appropriate teams so the transition from registration is seamless. No more outside apps to use and no more needing to provide your cell number but you do need to download the app and sign in with your EMSSC login information (that you used to register).

All of your players' teams will appear for the entire family. All under one app under their appropriate teams.

Please email asst_director@emssc.org with your player's name, team age and color, and the following sizes.

Jersey size:

Short size:

Sock size:

Replacements are ordered as full kits as it is almost the same cost as ordering a jersey.

Please know that the replacement could take almost 2 weeks to arrive so please place your order sooner than later.

A uniform order will be placed 2 weeks prior to spring season starting, if needed. Other orders will be placed as needed. 

The cost of a replacement uniform is $25 due at the time of pick up.

Tryouts are held in early- to mid- June each year for the following soccer year - the soccer year begins in the fall.

Tryouts are held at the EMSSC home fields:

Jacob's Northeast Park

3015 4th Ave

East Moline, IL 61244 

If you are new to the area and /or you missed tryouts, email doc@emssc.org with your information.

Please include the following: name and date of birth. If there is a roster spot available, the DOC Staff will set up a make up tryout at a time that is convenient for all.

The fees for competitive do not change if you join late to the season.

If you join in the Spring, the full registration cost is applicable. There will be no reduction in fees if you join late.

Uniforms will be purchased online at soccer.com. Once selected for a team, you will be emailed a link to order your player’s uniform.

All players who are not selected for a Competitive team will be informed by email.

Your tryout fee will be refunded to your form of payment within 3-5 business days. 

Not being selected in no way suggests that they are not quality players, or that they should give up their hopes of playing Competitive soccer for EMSSC. It simply means that there were other players better suited for the team’s level of play and a limited number of roster spots.

All players must tryout with their proper birth year. 


Teams change every fall - we cannot guarantee you will have the same coach or teammates each year. We will try to accommodate special requests but also cannot stack teams.

Your player WILL be on the same team in the spring as they were in the fall.


Teams will be formed in a manner that best suits the player and the club. Many times, players will play up dependent on the number of players that try out for the age group.

At a certain age, field sizes change and so do roster sizes - these factors are all taken into consideration.

All efforts are made to keep players with their past teams but it is not guaranteed.


Illowa is the Competitive league that EMSSC participates in for league games. 

EMSSC hosts Illowa games every other weekend at Jacob's Park.

Find more information about Illowa here.

If you player is selected to a team and you decide to not have them play for EMSSC or to play competitive soccer at all, your tryout fee will not be returned. Please decline the invitation to join the team. 

The registration fee covers a variety of administrative costs associated with running a Recreational and Competitive program. These costs include state association fees, Illowa league fees, insurance, coaching costs, field maintenance costs, risk management fees. New goals, nets, paint and improvements to the soccer complex are also covered by registration fees. 

For competitive, it is likely that you will want to wear a dark or light colored shirt for scrimmaging. Always have the opposite color available to wear in your bag. Always wear shin guards - bring a ball and a water.

For recreational, wear play clothes! Always wear shin guards - bring a ball and a water.