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I would like to thank everyone for trying out for travel soccer with EMSSC.  Here are the teams for the upcoming Fall & Spring 2018-2019 seasons.     Unfortunately, we were unable to have a U8 Boys team this year because we only had 3 boys register and 2 boys tried out.   I was hoping to see about building a U8 boys team later this fall or in the spring season from Rec league. 


For the players that made the teams your $25 will be applied to the total registration fee.    Please go on to your account by Monday June 25th and pay $50 to accept the roster spot.   This will apply $75 to your account.  The remaining balance is due August 10th or set up a payment plan (July 13 and August 10).  Your registration fee will need to be paid in full by August 10th.    


For the players that were not selected for a team, we would like to thank you again for trying out and hope you will try out again next year.  Your $25 will be refunded back to you in the coming weeks by mail.


If you are a new travel player I will explain the ordering process the uniform from at the meeting.   Make sure you come to me at the meeting so that I can get that order set up. 


We will be having a mandatory parent meeting in early July (we are trying to finalize the date and location).  We hope to have that in the next couple of days and send out additional notifications with all the details.  


Thanks again.  


Chad Cruse

Travel Coordinator  




U8 & U9 Girls


Agan, L

Cruse, A

Esparza, A

Gryp, C

Gryp, V

King, E

Loter, M

Mills, S

Schimpf, K

Singleton, A

Wood, E

Young, B




U10 Girls


Benevides, K

Esparza, H

Figueroa, E

Gallens, B

Gonzalez, X

Hughes, I

Lambrecht, A

Richter, M

Saguilan, V

Schatteman, B

Schneider, B

Sherman, E

Vasquez, H

Warren-Mendoza, A




U9 & U10 Boys


Amah, S

Boynton, B

Burns, K

Carbajal, J

Henderson, U

Johnson, S

McDowell, J

Nieves, L

Oliva- Van De Walle, S

Soliz, A

Stenzel, J

Torres, I

Westbrook, D

Westbrook, M



U11 & U12 Girls


Colclasure, P

Dunbar, M

Esquivel, K

Glackin, H

Gonzalez, K

Griffith, M

Hamilton, E

Hernandez, I

Hess, M

McClaflin, C

Rasdall, J

Rasko, M

Roman, M

Schatteman, A

Tapia-Macias, R

Tristan, A




U11 & U12 Boys


Benevides, C

Colgan, M

Darras, Z

Gonzalez, Y

Gryp, G

King, B

Mallum, L

Munoz, J

Munoz, C

Navarrete, I

Nieves, C

Roman, C

Sebou, B

Wanek, S




U13 & U14 Girls


Cruz, N

Davila, A

Erickson, A

Fischlein, A

Franks, J

Garcia, J

Glackin, A

Gonzalez, S

Gryp, A

Hernandez, A

Johnson, A

Johnson, C

Medinger, K

Miniter, L

Pena, I

Ritter, G

Ruvalcaba, A

Wilson, H




U14 & U15 Girls


Ayala, B

Calleja, L

Camarillo, S

Castenada, K

Garcia, A

Garcia, Y

Hansen, O

Harris, E

Lingafelter, E

Morrow, N

Pirmann, A

Raya, J

Saguilan, I

Sarabio, J

Werner, T





U13 & U14 Boys


Anderson, C

Bollinger, C

Boodhoo, A

Colgan, J

Cruse, B

DeGreve, M

DeVilder, A

Garcia, G

Hamm, C

Hernandez, I

Hernandez, J

Jurado, A

King, A

Loter , G

Lyons, P

Morrow, J

Oguike, D

Ojeda, R

Pauwels, D

Sebou, S

Timler, J

Ziegler, K



High School U16 & U18 Girls 


Bell, J

Calleja, L

Caudillo, Y

Colburn, C

Davila, O

Fender, J

Fischlein, J

Fix, A

Fleck , B

Garcia, A

Gonzalez, J

Gordon, M

Hoskins, B

King, C

Martin, Y

Meldrum, M

Mowery, M

Nesseler, B

Nevarez, E

Orduna, J

Palet, N

Ramirez, K

Schnieder, E

Smith, E

VanWinkle, M

Wessels, A

Westbrook, A